Thursday, June 26, 2014

Silent Retreat and the Lucky McKee/Chris Siverston interview

Jason and Shawn are back for one last podcast before taking a two-month break through July and August. That's right -- The Basement is going on hiatus for the summer!

But The Basement Boys leave you with an episode chock full of cooliosis, including the return of Game Time with Greg and a lively discussion about the creepiest of horror movie creatures. How bad ass is that? Pretty damn bad ass actually.

Pacific Rim 2 hits theatres in 2017

This is a surprising bit of good news for fans of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, a flick much loved by geeks that didn't go over big with the North American moviegoing public.

There's going to be a sequel, bitches!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shane Black's Predator flick a sequel, not a reboot

A quick update on a story we posted yesterday, it sounds like that Predator reboot that'll be co-written and directed by Shane Black isn't a reboot at all. It's a sequel!

The talented folks at Collider caught up with Black after yesterday's announcement, and he told them he and co-writer Fred Dekker see no point in starting the franchise over. Black adds he "really gets behind inventive sequels."

Some bad ass Mad Max: Fury Road images

We've still got a whole year to wait for George Miller's latest instalment in the Mad Max saga, but the marketing is finally gearing up for the much anticipated Fury Road.

I say finally because the movie has been done for a while and us Road Warrior fans wanna see some cool shit, dammit!

From The Corner: Dead Noon

I'm back again- with yet another swim in the horror genre- this time around, we take a shot at "Dead Noon" (2007)
An old west outlaw rises from the grave in modern times, bringing death with him...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shane Black takes on the Predator reboot

Alright, here's one reboot I can actually get behind. And it's not because I think Predator needs to be remade. No sir. It's about as perfect an action/sci-fi/horror flick as we're ever likely to see. Period.

What has me excited for the new Predator is the man 20th Century Fox has tapped to co-write and direct the movie -- Shane Black.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Evil Dead 2 producer helms Easter horror tale Wrath

Here's a cool bit of horror news delivered to The Basement by way of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films: Scott Spiegel, he who produced Evil Dead 2 and Hostel, has a new flick headed our way that promises to cast Easter in a whole new light.

Well, actually, it's Swedish Easter he's casting in a whole new light, not our Easter. Which means I've learned something new today. I always figured Easter was Easter. But it's not.

Monday Retro Review: John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness

Having John Carpenter's name above a movie title means something. It's a sign of quality. It's an indication that you, as an audience member, are in the hands of a master storyteller. Sure, some of his movies are better than others, but a John Carpenter movie is more than the average genre picture. Or at least it should be.

So how does Prince of Darkness measure up when compared to Carpenter's other classic flicks? Stick with me.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tag-team review: Dreamcatcher

Because our last tag-team review went over so well, Matt Bellamy and I decided to take on another movie for your reading pleasure. This time, we opted to tackle a flick we know isn't Good, just so we could provide some entertaining insight on a production that had everything stacked in it's favour -- including an uber talented cast and crew and first-rate source material -- yet literally and figuratively shit the bed . . . I mean toilet . . . I mean shit in the toilet . . .

Yeah, we watched Dreamcatcher.